Trails Closed as Follows: Chase Porter & Spuds/Criss-cross Gully

With immediate effect and until further notice, a diversion has been put in place linking the start of Chase Porter to the entrance of Spooky Wood. Red and white tape has been placed around trees along the right hand side of the diversion route to guide riders between the two trail sections.

Chase Porter and Spuds/Criss Cross are closed until further notice due to tree felling/thinning activities and both trail sections are unrideable. Please do not enter either of these trail sections as it is not safe to ride there. Follow the diversion and stick to the left of the trail as this is a horse permissive path and not a cycle trail. Please ride sensibly along the diversion route and give way to horses and walkers.

As soon as the trail sections are safe to ride, we will make an announcement and re-open the trail sections. Thank you for your co-operation and patience.