With immediate effect the following trail modifications have been made to the Spooky Wood trail section. Please take extra care as these changes affect how the trail will be ridden. Night-riders should take extra care until they are familiar with the section changes.


Modification One ‘Old Spooky Wood’ Descent

There is a major trail modification at the right turn into the final drop that led down to the horse path. A new improved trail already exists here to move riders to the left and onto a new section that eventually leads to Merlin.

At the location of the original right turn this section has now been blocked and an improved left turn installed. The entrance to this section is open and the trail route very obvious though those regulars to the woods will need to take note of the modification.

Please take extra care until you are familiar with this change. The changes have been made to re-route access away from the horse-permissive routes down to and around the SSSI. The old downhill section and exit has now been permanently closed.


Modification Two

After the modifications described above the trail descends quite quickly to a tight left-hand hairpin turn. The last 50 feet or so of this section (and turn) has been closed and a new improved left/right chicane has now been installed which will provide a more challenging experience.

Please take extra care until you are familiar with this change.