Withe immediate effect the following permanent trail changes have been implemented to the Ridgeline to modify the original exit.


Permanent Trail Modification

A new post and rail fence has been installed approximately 30m before the footpath crossing to close this trail section at that point. This has been done at the request of the Greensand Trust to avoid cyclists crossing this very heavily used footpath twice. The original exit of the Ridgeline also exited into an area where several other  footpaths converge. This change removes all bar a single footpath crossing point in this area.

The trail will now turn left just before this fence onto a new descent.



Interim Modification

A temporary and incomplete left turn, decent and right hand turn has been scratched out to show the proposed line for the new trail modification. Woburn Bike Trails will compete this modification over the next few days. PLEASE TAKE CARE when riding this section. We will advise when this section has been completed.