Welcome to the fourth Woburn Bike Trails Bi-weekly Update for the Longslade Trail. Please share this important update with as many people as possible.

This update as always, provides confirmation on the installation new gates, trail modifications, newly opened sections and completed maintenance and much more.


We Still Need Your help!

Before the update, a perennial request. We’re still desperately short of volunteers which means our hardworking Trail Team Leaders and a small core of regular volunteers are having to turn out to every dig/maintenance session. It also means maintenance works are taking too long and several new trail sections haven’t been completed so they don’t ride as well nor flow as we had always intended them to do.

Without your support this work is taking much longer than it needs to. Our next dig date is on Saturday 14th May . You can find out details here.

Please just come along or why not join our Facebook group.


Longslade Trail Short Route Now Open

Yesterday (May 1st 2016) Woburn Bike Trails opened a brand new trail section (see below) that completes a ‘short route’ circular trail. This short route excludes the Peacocks Pass trail section as this section requires substantial improved,ends and a new exit to avoid the horse path. A little over 8km in length, the ‘short-route’ is now rideable from Roots to To and Fro and the route is marked with red-toped posts throughout though direction of travel signs/directions have yet to be fitted.

New Entrance and Exit Posts

Each week the Greensand Trust continues to erect entrance, exit and control gates on the cycle-priority Longslade Trail with the aim of completing the task as soon as possible. Over the coming weeks the cycle-priority, direction and no- entry markers will be added to the posts and each week we’ll confirm where these have been added.

So far the following trail sections now have ‘red-topped post’ entrance/exit gates (new ones in bold type):

  • Roots
  • Prequel
  • Trippy Tucker
  • Charlie’s Run
  • Chase Porter
  • Spud’s
  • Spooky Wood
  • Merlin
  • Harpers Revenge
  • Jamster
  • Un-named section
  • Empire
  • The Full Munti/Jack Munti
  • Leopard
  • Un-named section
  • The Ridgeline


More About These Red-Topped Posts?

To find out why they are positioned where they are and why they are so important please visit this section of our website.


Trail Section Changes – Empire Strikes Back (Old Hidden Zip Section)

The old Hidden Zip section, now known as ‘Empire’ has been modified. A new left turn/berm has been installed shortly after the narrow ‘gate’. This modification closes the final section that originally reached the footpath junction and provides access to the new Jack Munti Trail section.

A red-topped post shortly before the new corner carries a sign that informs riders of the change (see image).

New Empire Exit Signage

New Empire Exit Signage


New Trail Section – Jack Munti

Woburn Bike Trails has completed and opened a brand new trail section that links the new Empire exit to Leopard. This section completes the Longslade Trail Short Route to provide a trail section that removes the need for cyclists to use footpaths in this area.


New Longslade Trail Map

new trail map showing complete Longslade Trail Short-Route has been released. You can find out more about this here.

For those wanting to ride these sections please take note of the changes and take extra care when riding the new/changed sections.

That’s all for now, next update in two weeks time.