Aspley Woods Cycle Trails FAQ

Welcome to the Aspley Woods Cycle Trails FAQ section where you can find answers to frequently asked questions about Aspley Woods cycle trails.

Is Aspley Woods a Bike Park or Trail Park/Trail Centre?

No, not in the way Cannock Chase or Bike Park Wales is. Aspley Woods is an area of privately owned and managed woodland where the landowners have allowed permissive access to walkers, horse riders and cyclists. Those riding in the woods must follow the Rider Etiquette.

Why is there a Rider Etiquette?

The Rider Etiquette was agreed by the Bedford Estate, Greensand Trust  and Woburn Bike Trails in order to to reduce/remove conflict between different groups of users and to provide guidance to those cycling in the woods.

When will the Longslade Trail be finished and open?

That depends on what support we receive from volunteers. Right now we has a team of 8 Trail Team Leaders and a few additional volunteers who have helped on dig days. If we had 60 volunteers instead of half a dozen we’d be moving along 10 times faster! Over to you then.

Find out more about the Longslade Trail here.

Are the trails and jumps graded?

Yes. You can find out more about the grading system for XC trails here and the grading system for the Bike Park/jump area here.

What sort of bike do I need?

In general terms, whenever riding off-road cycle trails a proper mountain bike is recommended. Whilst these can vary from a few hundred pounds to many thousands of pounds, the most important thing is to make sure your mountain bike is well maintained and has effective working front and rear brakes.

For some of the family trails, a hybrid bike may also be suitable. Those wishing to ride the jump area should only use a proper mountain bike or downhill bike.

Please remember this is only for general guidance and YOU should always satisfy yourself that your choice of bike and your personal riding skills are adequate for riding any of trails/jumps within Aspley Woods and the surrounding area. Mountain biking is a potentially hazardous activity.