Questions, questions, question! We’re always being asked questions about a wide range of subjects related to the woods and to cycling in the area. In this section you can find answers to most frequently asked questions. To make things as easy and user friendly as possible, the FAQs are grouped into the sections below.

Please read the FAQ sections before submitting a question via the Woburn Bike Trails contact page. It’s not that we don’t want to help, it’s just we all have day jobs and so your request for assistance might take a few days to be answered.

Please, no questions about permits, opening times, bike hire as all of these are covered in the fAQs. No offers of SEO or other help with this website. Thank you.


General FAQ

Questions answered about who owns what and about the estate management and more

Aspley Woods FAQ

Questions answered about Aspley Woods.

Aspley Woods Cycle Trails FAQ

Questions answered about cycling in Aspley Woods.

Cycle Permits FAQ

Questions answered about cycling permits for Aspley Woods and Rushmere Park.

Volunteering FAQ

Questions answered about volunteering to help at Aspley Woods.