Bike Park Trail Grading

Please remember this information about Woburn Bike Park Trail Grading is only for guidance and YOU should always satisfy yourself that your choice of bike and your personal riding skills are adequate for riding anywhere within Aspley Woods and the surrounding area. 

Mountain biking is a potentially hazardous activity. 

Woburn Bike Park Trail GradingDownhill and jump trails/runs at bike parks and mountain biking centres throughout the UK are typically graded to inform riders of the difficulty of their various trails. Though not a bike park or trail centres in the true sense of the term, here at Aspley Woods in the Bike Park/Jump Area, Woburn Bike Trails has adopted a similar grading system to that often used.

Mountain biking is a potentially hazardous activity carrying a significant risk. Riders are therefore strongly advised to always ride within your own abilities. Within Woburn Bike Park trail grading that is applied to any trail/run is provided as a guide and riders should fully satisfy themselves as to the trail suitability for their own level of competence before riding.

This is particularly important within the jump area as some jumps require specific skills and techniques. As good as any grading system may be, trail surfaces will vary throughout the year – and particularly during or after heavy rain. If in doubt, speak to the rangers, or stop and walk through a section rather than riding ‘blind’.




Trails/runs more suited to less experienced cyclists. Mountain bikes or Jump/Downhill bikes recommended.

Grade One trails are typically less steep with rollable obstacles/jumps short, more difficult sections will be avoidable, with a minimum content of overly difficult sections.

These trails carry a relatively low risk however parents, guardians and riders should always take special care when riding Grade One trails/sections and ensure their riding ability is suitable for such trails.




Trails/runs trails suited only to those cyclists with some experience of riding steep sections of trail and taking mid to large jumps.  Larger obstacles may not be rollable nor avoidable.

Jump/Downhill bikes recommended but can be ridden with Mountain Bikes.

These trails carry a higher risk and therefore parents, guardians and riders should additional care when riding Grade Two trail sections and ensure their riding ability is suitable for such trails.



Grade Three – EXPERIENCED TO EXPERT (Severe)

Unforgiving and extreme Downhill sections and Jumps on trails/runs suitable only for the most experienced riders with very high levels of skills and the experience to ride very technical and highly challenging sections.

Grade Three trails/runs will have very difficult technical sections with severe unavoidable obstacles, large jumps and steps/drop-offs that will not be rollable. ALL OBSTACLES will have to be ridden with sufficient speed and commitment to clear them.

These trails carry a very high risk and therefore all riders should take the highest level of care when riding Grade Three trails/runs and ensure their riding ability is suitable for such extreme trails.