Longslade Trail

The Longslade Trail is our first circular bike-priority cycling/mountain biking route. Scheduled for completion during the Spring of 2016, this route consists of around 10 km of flowing mountain bike trails that offer a mix of existing long-established trail sections supplemented by a number brand new sections melding to provide an exciting and often challenging experience for mountain bikers. The route is almost exclusively single track and is marked by red-topped posts which mark the entrance, exit and intermediate crossing points.

Longslade Trail Short RouteThe adjacent map shows the Short Route which is now open. This route excludes the Peacock’s Pass section which is not yet completed. Click the map to open a larger version.

The Longslade Trail starts close to the Sandy Lane/Church Road car park in Woburn Sands. The route is one way throughout except for the short access trail section to and from the Woburn Road car park and the To and Fro trail section that also provides two-way access to and from the Sandy Lane/Church Road car park to the Bike Park jump area.

Hand-built over decades by enthusiastic local trail builders, the trails have been used by cyclists, walkers, runners and horse riders. Woburn Bike Trails now has permission to bring these ‘illegal’ trail sections together into a circular cycle priority route.  Not for the faint hearted and Graded RED, the Longslade Trail favours those with intermediate or advanced mountain biking skills. Those mountain bikers who wish to tackle tricky exposed-root sections, flowing berms and corners, short but stiff climbs and the odd (rollable) drop-off will adore this trail. As the trails is designed to visit close to all three car parks, cyclists can join the Longslade Trail from any of the official car parks.

You can find the location of the car parks here.

New or less experienced mountain bikers should take extra care if they decide to ride this route as it is Graded RED and therefore not suitable for inexperienced cyclists.

Always walk a new trail or if you are concerned about your own abilities as a cyclists BEFORE you ride.


Special Notice about the Longslade Trail Map

Please note that the map above is not to scale and subject to change at any time and should be used only as general guide. Once the trail is completed a more accurate map will be available.