Aspley Woods Cycle Trails

Aspley Woods is privately owned woodland.

There are literally dozens of relatively short trail sections throughout Aspley Woods and the surrounding area that have been used for decades by walkers, horse riders and cyclists.

Mixed use trails inevitably leads to conflict and so since 2014, Woburn Bike Trails has been working to bring many of the existing and most loved trails used by cyclists (and a few new ones) into defined and mapped circular cycle priority routes. This will greatly reduce conflict  between groups of users by separating cyclists from horses, dog walkers and other pedestrians wherever it is possible to do so.


Cycle Priority? Yes, but this is no Trail Centre

All of the Aspley Woods cycle trails will for the first time give priority to cyclists and the Greensand Trust asks other users (including pedestrians, horse riders, runners and dog walkers) to avoid using trails marked Bike Priority.

In return, cyclists will not ride on paths designated for horses or on footpaths anywhere in the woods.

When riding the on the Aspley Woods cycle trails cyclists are asked to maintain a sensible speed throughout these routes in case a pedestrian inadvertently strays onto a cycle priority trail. Cyclists should read and follow the Rider Etiquette at all times when cycling with Aspley Woods.


Aspley Woods Cycle Trails

Varying in length from around 5 km to over 11 km the new Aspley Woods circular mountain bike/cycle trails will offer an exciting and sometimes challenging experience for mountain biking cyclists of all ages and all levels of skill/experience.

ALL of these routes are to be covered under an access agreement between the landowner and local Council that requires cyclists to purchase and carry a day or yearly cycling permit for Aspley Woods in order to ride them.

You can find out more about the on the Aspley Woods cycle trails by clicking the links in the side menu to the right and all about cycling permit for Aspley Woods here.


Red-Topped Posts

The cycle-priority trails (Longslade TrailDanesborough Trail etc.) are made up of a number of shorter trail sections that are identified by single and double red-topped posts.  These posts indicate the entry point to the trail section (usually a single post), are ‘repeater’ intermediate trail posts (again usually a single post) or are at exit/major crossing points (mostly double posts).

The positioning of each exit/crossing point double post is crucial and has been chosen specifically to provide maximum visibility to both cyclists and users of other paths (walkers and horse riders) at the exit/crossing. These ‘gates’ are narrow (approx 850mm wide) and are designed to slow cyclists to a walking pace to make the crossings safe.

Please do not ride around these exit/crossing gates. 

Non-cyclists are asked NOT to use these trail sections as they are for cyclists only.