Cycle Trails

Throughout Aspley WoodsRushmere Country Park and the surrounding area are literally dozens of relatively short trail sections that have been used for decades by walkers, horse riders and cyclists. During recent years many new trails have been added. Mixed use trails inevitably leads to conflict and so since 2014, Woburn Bike Trails has been working with the landowners to reduce conflict by bring many of the existing and most loved trail sections used by cyclists into cycle priority mountain bike trails.


Cycle Priority? Yes, but not a Trail Centre

These new cycling routes will for the first time give priority to cyclists whilst at the same time moving the cyclists off other routes. The Greensand Trust asks other users (including pedestrians, horse riders, runners and dog walkers) to avoid using trails marked Bike Priority. In return, cyclists will be instructed not ride on paths designated for horses or on footpaths anywhere in the Aspley Woods and Rushmere areas.

Cyclists are asked to maintain a sensible speed throughout these trails in case a pedestrian inadvertently strays onto a cycle priority mountain bike trail.


Aspley Woods and Rushmere Mountain Bike/Cycle Trails

Varying in length from a few hundred metres to over 11 km (for the Longslade Trail in Aspley Woods) the trails provide a wide range of trails for all levels of cyclists and mountain bike riders.

Aspley Woods boasts the first of several new circular mountain biking trails and there will be more trails to following during 2016/2017. The new cycle trails will offer an exciting and sometimes challenging cycling experience for cyclists of all ages and all levels of skill/experience.

You can find out more about mountain biking and cycling trails in Aspley Woods here.

At Rushmere Country Park you will find a completely different riding experience and you can find out more about mountain biking and cycling trails at Rushmere Park here.


Cycle Permits

To cycle the main and most interesting mountain bike/cycling trails on both sites you will need a cycling permit. You can but a day ticket (covering both sites) or individual/family cycling permits for either site or for both sites and there are options for cycling/mountain biking Clubs/groups too.

You can find out more about obtaining a cycle permit to ride the restricted access areas here.