Rushmere Park Cycling Permit

Read below to find out how to obtain a Rushmere Park Cycling Permit.


How to Obtain a Rushmere Park Cycling Permit

Permits can be for an individual, for a family or a Club/Group. Permits can cover just Aspley Woods* or both Aspley Woods and Rushmere Country Park and be day permit* or a yearly permit. You can obtain your cycling permit by using the link below. Please return the completed application for and payment to the address on the form.

You can also buy direct from the Greensand Trust Ranger. When the Greensand Trust Ranger is in Aspley Woods they can be contacted on 07535 992953.

For any other queries in relation to cycling or horse riding in Aspley Woods please call 01525 237760 or visit the Greensand Trust website.

* Please note that all day permits now cover both sites.


Rushmere Cycling Permit costs:

  • Individual Cycling Yearly Permit cost is £25.00
  • Family Cycling Yearly Permit cost is £55.00

Combined Aspley/Rushmere Cycling Permit costs:

From July 2015, buy a day permit and it covers use of both  Aspley Woods and Rushmere Country Park.

  • Combined Individual Day Permit cost is £5.00
  • Combined Individual Cycling Yearly Permit cost is £40.00
  • Combined Family Cycling Yearly Permit cost is £88.00

Clubs/Groups Permit Costs:

If you run a local cycling or mounting biking club, the Greensand Trust offers a special ‘Club/Group Permit’. The Club Permit can be downloaded from the link below.

There are some conditions/restrictions so please contact the Greensand Trust direct for more information.