Aspley Woods Cycling Permit

Aspley Woods is privately owned woodland. Whilst the public has free access along public rights of way such as footpaths and bridleways, access to most of Aspley Woods is granted by the land owner under an Access Agreement with the local authorities.

This Access Agreement is administered on site by the Greensand Trust and provides additional access for those walking/running, cycling and horse riding. For cyclists these restricted access areas (or permissive routes) include all of the circular cycle trails and the Woburn Bike Park jump area.

In order to protect the user and landowner against third-party liability, access to these additional cycle areas/routes requires the purchase and possession of a cycling permit. Without a cycling permit cyclists are not permitted to ride within these woods unless on a bridleway. Horse riders also require a permit.

Those cyclists and horse riders with permits are allowed on permissive routes by means of an Access Agreement between Milton Keynes & Central Bedfordshire Councils and the landowners, the Bedford Estate. Cyclists with a cycling permit may also ride within the Bike Park jump area.


How to Obtain a Permit- YOU CAN NOW BUY ONLINE!

Permits can be for an individual, for a family or for a Club/Group. Permits can cover just Aspley Woods, just Rushmere Country Park or both Aspley Woods and Rushmere Country Park and can be a day ticket or a yearly permit. You can obtain your cycling permit by using the link below to visit the Greensand Trust Website to pay online.

You can also buy direct from the Greensand Trust Ranger. When the Greensand Trust Ranger is in Aspley Woods they can be contacted on 07535 992953.

For any other queries in relation to cycling or horse riding in Aspley Woods please call 01525 237760 or visit the Greensand Trust website.


Aspley Woods Cycling Permit costs:

  • Individual Cycling Yearly Permit cost is £30.00 (gift-aid price is £35.00)
  • Family Cycling Yearly Permit cost is £65.00 (gift-aid price is £75.00)

Combined Aspley/Rushmere Cycling Permit costs:

  • Individual Day Ticket cost is £5.00 for either site or £8.00 for a combined ticket covering both sites
  • Combined Individual Cycling Yearly Permit cost is £45.00  (gift-aid price is £55.00)
  • Combined Family Cycling Yearly Permit cost is £100.00  (gift-aid price is £120.00)

Clubs/Groups Permit Costs:

If you run a local cycling or mounting biking club, the Greensand Trust offers a special ‘Club/Group Permit’.  Please contact the Greensand Trust direct for more information.


Why do I need a cycling permit?

Without a permit you can only ride on the 4 public access bridleways. Should you ride any other areas within the woods without the necessary permit you won’t be covered by the landowner’s third party liability insurance. You’ll also technically be trespassing and if challenged by a warden or ranger you will be asked to purchase a permit or leave the restricted areas immediately.


How is my money spent?

Your cycling permit fees are very important as they go towards the upkeep and maintenance of the cycle trails and jump area, to provide and maintain signage and to help pay the cost of the third party liability cover for users.

Woburn Bike Trails continues to receive access to materials, tools and signage and without this support we could not look after and improve the cycle trails.