Rushmere Country Park

Located at Heath and Reach near to Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire, Rushmere Country Park is a beautiful 210 acre country park at the northern edge of Leighton Buzzard with lakes, ancient woodlands, conifer plantations, meadows and heath. Rushmore Country Park was privately owned until purchased by Central Bedfordshire Council and the Greensand Trust who opened it to the public in 2011.


Rushmere and Stockgrove Country Parks

The Park lies adjacent to Stockgrove Country Park which has been popular with visitors for many years. Visitors now have access to both Rushmere, Stockgrove and the adjoining Oak Wood, a total area of 400 acres. Since 2011 Stockgrove Country Park and Rushmere Park have been operated as ‘one site’.

The Park is beautiful with a fascinating variety of habitats including Bakers Wood a Site of Special Scientific Interest because of its semi-natural Ancient Woodland. Wildlife is abundant and includes Mandarin ducks, woodpeckers, warblers, butterflies, common lizards and herons. The park also has its own heronry and holds a very popular heron festival during March, April and May each year. Visitors to the heronry can listen to talks from bird experts whilst watching resident herons as they build nests, lay eggs and rear their young.

Rushmere Country Park has many guided routes for walkers, dog walkers, cyclists and horse riders. Visitors can move freely between Stockgrove Park and Rushmere Park.

There is a visitor centre with helpful literature about the park, the visitor centre has a veranda overlooking the lake where visitors can watch the herons. The Treetops cafe also provides a high vantage point overlooking much of the Park.

There are also a number of areas/trails where cycling is permitted. You can find out more about cycling in the park here.