Woburn Bike Park History

Located in the North-East Corner of Aspley Woods not far from Milton Keynes and adjacent to the A5130 Woburn Road on the outskirts of Woburn Sands, the Woburn Bike Park jump area is exclusively for the use of cycling permit holders,

Over many decades, Woburn Bike Park has become one of the most exciting and challenging bike jump areas in the country and has evolved to offer a wide variety of downhill and jump trails/runs with numerous berms, jumps and gaps to test the skills and bravery of all levels of rider.

The natural terrain coupled with the local sandy soil has made it possible to create some spectacular and fast routes within a beautiful landscape surrounded by trees and ferns.

Over the years the area’s been through more than its fair share of problems that culminated in the landowner flattening much of the area during February of 2014 and the future for some while looked uncertain as the area was closed and riding banned completely. But it’s not all doom and gloom!

Traditionally the landowners and the Greensand Trust had been relaxed about riders building their own runs and jumps. However in recent times this has got rather out of hand with jumps crossing over/onto bridleways and footpaths. Improper and excessive digging had undermined trees that then become unstable and dangerous. Things had to be changed and very quickly to avoid the area being permanently closed.


A New Beginning for the Woburn Bike Park!

In May 2014 following a request from the landowners, a new Committee was formed to help manage and improve the area and the future of the Bike Park now looks bright providing the new rules and conditions are strictly followed. We’re currently working hard building the trust that’s needed to gain the confidence of the landowner and Greensand Trust and it’s crucial that a few stupid idiots don’t mess things up for us all.

The Woburn Bike Park committee is working closely with the Bedford Estates and Greensand Trust to rebuild the whole area using a more considered and managed approach that will avoid crossing adjacent footpaths and bridleways and won’t endanger trees as has happened in the past.

Following the formation of the Woburn Bike Park committee, all digging and jump/trail construction within the jump area will be co-ordinated through the new Woburn Bike Park committee. Prior approval must now be sought by the committee from the Greensand Trust before any digging or trail building is carried out within this area.