TTLRun and supported by a dedicated group of volunteers, Woburn Bike Trails offers a host of opportunities for those who wish to get involved in improving and maintaining our cycle trails to do so.

An eclectic mixture of all ages and backgrounds our Woburn Bike Trails Trail Team Leaders and Trail Team Volunteers are made up of permit holding cyclists, Club members and local residents who all care passionately about Aspley Woods and who want to help preserve and improve the cycle and mountain biking environment for current and future generations.

You can join us and get involved as little or as often as you like. So whatever your age, and whatever your background, just contact us and we’ll let you know what to do and how to join in. You can help with the cross-country trails, the bike park or if you are really keen, both areas!


Woburn Bike Trails Trail Team Volunteers

Woburn Bike Trails Trail Team Volunteers join our dig days as often as they want to and they form a valuable part of our collective workforce – without them it wouldn’t be possible to achieve half of what has been achieved. As a Woburn Bike Trails Trail Team Volunteer you’ll be offered the chance to join in on a host of dig days throughout the year and we hope you’ll come back time and again. You can volunteer one a year of every dig day (or anywhere in between).

For those more committed individuals there are from time to time openings to join our Woburn Bike Trails Trail Team Leaders and if you turn up regularly you might be invited to join them when a vacancy appears in their ranks. To find out more about volunteering to help why not contact us.


Woburn Bike Trails Trail Team Leaders

Relatively small in number, our Woburn Bike Trails Trail Team Leaders are dedicated individuals who have stepped up with wheelbarrow and shovel time and time again and who now lead small teams of Woburn Bike Trails Trail Team Volunteers to deliver the agreed trail changes and maintenance. qualified in Trail Maintenance and Trail Building (courtesy of B1KE), these highly committed individuals have signed up to lead regular dig days and give an extraordinary amount of their time, for which we are eternally grateful.


Woburn Bike Trails Trail Design Team

Our Trail Design Team is a subset of the Trails Trail Team Leaders who between them have a wide range of mountain biking experience and riding skills. The design team’s primary role is the design of new trails and improvements/modifications to existing trail sections.

The Team works with the Trails Trail Team Leaders, Greensand Trust and other experienced riders.


Woburn Bike Trails Committee

Our small committee consists of passionate individuals who stepped up to present our vision to the landowner and estate managers, a vision that has now safeguarded the future of cycling in the woods we know and love. We manage all of the relationships with the numerous stakeholders, plan and agree current and future trail development and work with locals, clubs, groups and individuals to co-ordinate dig days and ensure things run smoothly and hopefully to plan!