Woburn Bike Trails History

The Woburn Bike Trails XC Committee comprises local trail riders and works closely with volunteers from cycling clubs/groups, cycle permit holders and local supporters actively working together for the benefit of those cyclists using the Aspley Woods.

The Committee members are all locals and walk, run and cycle the woods every day and we all care passionately about protecting our access to the area which has come increasing under threat because of a few cyclists with a poor and selfish attitude. Don’t forget we are here as guests and with the kind permission of the landowners and that access could be withdrawn at any time.

In May of 2015 we received the full agreement of the all ‘governing stakeholders’  for Woburn Bike Trails to create a number of circular cycle priority routes that would wherever possible avoid the use of communal trails/paths, footpaths and horse permissive routes.

In July that year we completed mapping out our first route, the Longslade Trail and we aim to have it fully open during the Spring of 2016.

You can find more out or keep in touch with us through our Facebook page or use the contact form on this site