About Woburn Bike Trails

About Woburn Bike Trails LogoWoburn Bike Trails is an independent volunteer group NOT the name of a bike park or trail centre. We were formed in May of 2014 at the request of the landowner to provide an independent cycling focussed group to help manage and maintain the existing and future cycling trails within Aspley Woods and the surrounding areas.

Woburn Bike Trails provides a single conduit for passing information between the landowners/estate managers and the cycling community using Aspley Woods. You can find out more about Woburn Bike Trails and get the latest updates on this website and on the Woburn Bike Trails Facebook page.

You can find out more about our volunteers and how to get involved with Woburn Bike Trails here. We hold regular dig/maintenance days and you’ll find out our upcoming dates in our calendar on the homepage.


Our Mission

Woburn Bike Trails’ mission is protect and preserve cycling within the Aspley Woods area for future generations. Our primary purpose is to:

  • help preserve the woods and cycling for current and future generations
  • promote the use of Permits
  • promote a new cycling/rider etiquette to improve the standard of riding throughout the woods
  • actively and proactively promote the use of authorised/permissive trails to existing (and new) riders
  • actively and proactively discourage unauthorised trail building or unapproved changes to existing trails
  • reduce/remove where possible the conflicts between cyclists and different user groups
  • improve, manage and maintain the permissive trails
  • provide a conduit for the flow of information between The Greensand Trust and cycling users of Aspley Woods


Two Committees

Two distinct, independent committees were created to focus on and cater for the differing requirements of the cross-country (XC) and bike park/jump area communities. You can contact either group here and please visit the Woburn Bike Trails Facebook page here and Woburn Bike Park Facebook page here for updates on what we are doing and all the latest news.

You can also find out more about Woburn Bike Trails trail grading for the cross-country trails here and for the Bike Park jump area trails here.