First of all, Woburn Bike Trails is an independent local volunteer group and not the name of a bike-park or trail centre.

The majority of the Aspley Woods area is privately owned woodland and consequently there is no trail centre at Aspley Woods and therefore no opening times, no cafe nor other facilities and no bike hire.

Woburn Bike Trails and its volunteers has been working in partnership with the Greensand Trust since 2014 to help protect, manage and maintain all of the mountain biking and cycle trails throughout the Aspley Woods area.

You can this website to find up-to-date and useful information on mountain biking and cycling in Aspley Woods, around Woburn Sands, Rushmere Country Park and the general area surrounding Milton Keynes. Here you can find out where to ride, all about the  cycle-priority trails themselves, get cycle trail maps, directions and learn all about cycling permits.

When you visit these beautiful privately owned woods you will see many improvements to  cycle-priority trails that have been carried out by Woburn Bike Trails.


Red-Topped Posts (Aspley Woods) & Permits

To cycle within most of Aspley Woods including the marked cycle-priority trails and the jump area you must purchase and be in possession of a day or yearly cycling permit.

The cycle-priority trails (for example the Longslade Trail) are made up of a number of shorter trail sections that are identified by single and double red-topped posts.  These posts indicate the entry point to the trail section (usually a single post), are ‘repeater’ intermediate trail posts (again usually a single post) or are at exit/major crossing points.

These posts will shorty have additional badges/signage added to indicate direction of travel and give other guidance to cyclists and non-cyclists. You can find out more about Aspley Woods Cycle Trails and red posts here.

Non-cyclists are asked NOT to use these trail sections as they are for cyclists only.


Woburn Bike Trails needs Your Help!

The work being undertaken to complete the Longslade Trail  by our volunteers is substantial and we therefore need your help to make this successful. We’re always looking for additional volunteers to help us to build, maintain and improve the cycling trails. If you’d like to get involved you can find out more about how to become a Woburn Bike Trails Volunteer here. You can also get involved through your local cycle club (see our supporters pages). Please contact us to find out more about how you can join our volunteers. You can also see our upcoming dig/maintenance days in the calendar below this section.


Acts of vandalism!

Unfortunately, from time to time damage is deliberately caused to to signs, control gates and barriers in and around the woods and we need your help to help eradicate this. Even worse is the deliberate attempt to injure, potentially seriously, those riding the cycle-priority trails by the placing of glass, hidden logs and even wire (strung between trees) along the trails. All such incidents are being reported to the landowner, estate manager and local police. Woburn Bike Trails ask’s all users of the woods to be vigilant when walking/riding anywhere in the woods. Please report vandalism or sabotage immediately either direct to the police, to the Greensand Trust on 01525 237760 (Rangers office) or 07535 992953 (Aspley Woods Duty Mobile – available weekends and school holidays) or by contacting us and logging the details here.

Woburn Bike Trails thanks you in advance for working with us to help eradicate this kind of behaviour from our woods.

Woburn Bike Trails Aspley Woods Longslade Trail

Longslade Trail

Grade: Red Length: 10 km

Our first and most popular trail.

Not suitable for inexperienced riders or novices.

Woburn Bike Trails Cycling Permits
Woburn Bike Trails Aspley Woods Danesborough Trail
Danesborough Trail

Grade: Blue Length: TBC

Currently in the planning stage.

Suitable for novices.

Woburn Bike Trails Volunteers
 Green Trail

Grade: Green Length: TBC

Currently in the planning stage.

Suitable for family groups and novices.

Woburn Bike Trails Report Vandalism
Woburn Bike Park Aspley Woods

  Woburn Bike Park

Grade: 1, 2 and 3

Numerous hand-build graded jumps/trails.

Not suitable for families or novices.

Latests News and Announcements


Trails Closed as Follows: Chase Porter & Spuds/Criss-cross Gully

With immediate effect and until further notice, a diversion has been put in place linking the start of Chase Porter to the entrance of Spooky Wood. Red and white tape has been placed around trees along the right hand side of the diversion route to guide riders between the two trail sections.

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Whilst the public has free access along public rights of way such as footpaths and bridleways in and around Aspley Woods and at Rushmere Park, the best, most interesting trails for cyclists require the purchase and possession of a Aspley Woods cycling permit, or a Rushmere Park cycling permit. These restricted access areas include the new Longslade Trail and the Bike Park jump area at Aspley Woods.

Your cycling permit fees go to support the Greensand Trust and Woburn Bike Trails in their efforts to manage, maintain and improve the cycle trails and to protect the user and landowner against third-party liability.

Aspley Woods Cycling Permit costs:

  • Individual Day Permit is £5.00*
  • Individual Yearly Permit cost is £25.00
  • Family Yearly Permit cost is £55.00

* Day permit covers Aspley Woods and Rushmere Park

Rushmere Cycling Permit costs:

  • Individual Day Permit is £5.00*
  • Individual Yearly Permit cost is £25.00
  • Family Yearly Permit cost is £55.00

* Day permit covers Aspley Woods and Rushmere Park

Joint Aspley/Rushmere Cycling Permit costs:

  • Individual Day Permit is £5.00*
  • Individual Yearly Permit cost is £44.00
  • Family Yearly Permit cost is £88.00

* Day permit covers Aspley Woods and Rushmere Park